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5 Most common Flat Screen TV Repairs.

We begin a series of the most common TV repairs based on our latest repairs, we also may answer your questions  regarding your TV problem, you may email your question along with model number and also  what's exactly wrong with your TV, such as: TV won't come on, or TV comes on and shuts off, or no picture but there is sound, etc. You may ask questions regarding any of those kind of TVs: CRT TVs, Rear Projections TVs, DLP TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD/LED TVs, LED TVs, or any newer TVs, we will try answer your questions in timely manner, depends on workload, or you can call us anytime: 918-2640116, ask for Joe.

1. LED strip failures.                                                              07.05.19

   LED strip failure is the most common problem today. Even though LED TVs have been around since late 70's, they started coming for repairs in about six to eight years, after Plasma TVs got older and people started replacing heavy plasma TVs for lighter and less power consuming and very often larger LED TVs.

   Among other flaws, LED strips failures start to  show up in about two ( or little sooner sometimes ) years of usage, and with longer hours of being on, TV start failing even sooner.

   First signs of LED strips stating to fail, some shadows may start to appear while TV is on, and the size of the shadow normally depends on how many LED lights are dead. Normally there 6 to 8 LED lights on each strip, and about 6 to 8 strips on the left side and the same amount of the strips on the right side. The more lights are filing- the bigger shadow on the screen when TV is on. 

   Normally shadows are very common on VIZIO TVs, and shadows are almost never shows up on Samsung TVs, normally whole screen turns black. 

    However, LED strips failure may not be so obvious, sometimes the whole TV  goes to shutdown, and the only thing is on - red light blinks, and sometimes TV comes on just fine, and there is audio and very faint picture may show if to use a flashlight.

   It is relatively easy to replace LED strips, however it may take up to 2 to 3 hours, depends on the brand and the size of the TV. Word of caution : removing panel would require utmost caution, removing panel may cause a damage which will result in replacing a whole TV, because panels are not repairable, and the price of the panel is about 80% of the price of the whole TV.

   And one more thing, LED strips are not interchangeable, they go by very specific part number, they should be replaced all at once with a set of a brand new ones, no "look the same", or "kinda close''. only exactly the same part number. For example for Samsung TV, model number UN60FH6200FXZA,  version HH01, LED strip part number would be BN96-29074A/BN96-29075A.

    After LED strips are replaced  - It may last the same life span,providing TV is plugged in into power surge protector, and back light and brightness are adjusted to 50%, because running back light  and brightness on max will significantly shorten life span of the TV.

And the last, keeping the back light ( on some TVs there is no  back light  controls ) or brightness in the middle may prolong life of the TV. 

    So, replacing LED strips is a worthwhile procedure and normally cost a fraction of the new TV and could make it last for another 2 to 4 years ( depends on the model, size and usage ). 

    If you may have questions , call us @ 918-2640116. Joe.

      2. Main Board failures.                                                                    07.13.19

Main Board failures may not be so obvious like for example LED strip failure, however here some most common problems with Main Board:

1. No power, TV won't respond at all, even stand by light is off,

2. TV comes on, and shuts off.

3. TV comes on, has good audio and good video, but after while ( 15-20 min) TV gas high-pitching noise and picture get distorted,

4. TV comes on, has good audio but no video,

5. TV works fine except won't work with remote, 

6 TV works good for 15-20 min, then switches from one input to another ( for example from HDMI1 to HDMI2) by itself,

7.TV has great video, but there is no audio

There are many more symptoms which could be caused by Main Board, but those are the most common, and I will discuss few of them here briefly. 

   First one, no power. Very often it may look like it is a Power Supply's failure, but simple one touch measurement +5V  ( sometimes it is +3.3V) may tell you it all: if there is no +5V, then disconnect connector from the Main Board and check it again and if there is +5V, then obviously defective Main Board brought it down, and of course once Main Board is replaced TV comes on.

   If TV won't operate with Remote Control it may sound like it is IF board is defective, and sometimes it is, but Main Board does cause this problem too.

   Very often intermittent problems are caused by cold solder, which happens with older TVs, however internal breaks in SMD components may cause this too. To replace SMD normally require good soldering skills, I highly recommend to ask a professional to troubleshoot and complete the repair,and if you have any doubts and not sure what's going all - may it's time to call professional, call us @ 918-2640116, and we are just a phone call away!

      3.Power Supply failures.                                                                    07.20.19

   Power Supply failures sometimes are really easy to troubleshoot and sometimes it may be not so obvious. Most common symptoms of failed Power Supply are:

   The set is dead, no response  whatsoever,

   TV comes on and shuts off intermittent,

   TV comes on and has good audio, but there is no video and the screen is black. 

     The first symptom is obvious and doesn't need a lot of troubleshooting, and everybody would check the AC fuse ( in this case it would be FP801S, 5A/250V), and if it is blown, obviously it need to be replaced with a fuse of the same value, and if TV comes on then that's all to it, it's done.

If replaced fuse got blown right away, the most common reason could be QP801CS, I've seen it quite a  few times. 

   Intermittent problems normally are caused by cold solder, normally due to the age ( I mentioned it in previous newsletter), and capacitors issue almost uncommon today, that was quite an issue five -ten years ago. 

   If TV comes on, has good audio but screen is black, then is is could be a Power Supply problem, and the reason for that could a diode  D9001C, and missing voltage for LED strips could may it look like it is LED strips are defective, but the problem was a Power Supply. 

   And, of course, there are more symptoms of a bad Power Supply, but those are the most common which could be found in everyday TV service and repair.

   And again, TV repair require a lot of experience and professional training, and if your NOT a PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN - you're doing it at your own risk, We strongly advice call for professional help, you may call to local repair shop, or just call us, we can do it . Or you can call us always if you got a question @ 918-2640116, Joe.


      4. T-Con Board failures.                                                                    07.20.19

    T-Con Board failures may not be so obvious as LED strips failures or Power Supply failures, however, here are some most typical problems which may be caused by T-Con boards:

   No picture, sound is fine.

   Lines, sound is good.

   TV won't come at all.  

   Half screen picture is fine, half screen - no picture, and other problems.

The easiest way to confirm if the T-Con board if defective is to replace it with a new one, some T-Con Bards are repairable, and there are some repair kits to repair T-Con Boards, except soldering skills required, and replace the board (like any other) possible only with the same board, and exactly with the same part number. And also, when T-Con is replaced, flexible ribbon cables may need to be attached properly, improper connection may cause is loss of picture or distorted picture. Once T-Con Board replaced, it doesn't required any adjustments or programming. New T-Con Board may last for another years, providing the panel is not defective. It was a common problem with 70" VIZIO: once T-Con replaced - TV comes fine, but few seconds later T-Con fails, and the reason was - defective panel.

   Those were the most common T-Con failures, and of course there many more, and like always, if you would have any questions give us a call @ 918-2640116. Joe.