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TV REPAIR in TULSA  OK                                    

SAME DAY* Housecall !


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We  are  serving:                 

 TULSA OK and surroundings

up to 50 miles radius.


Same day housecalls if called before noon, depnds on workload. 


3 month warranty on



Manufactory trained!

 Over 30 years experience!




I want to thank TULSA ELECTRONICS REPAIR for fixing my SAMSUNG  52" LCD TV! Even though it took allmost a week to fix it, they fixed it at very reasonable price, and backed it up with half an year warranty! I am very satisfied with this service! I told about this repair service to all my realatives and friends!

                               Michael Moore, Broken Arrow.

Thank you! Thank you for the grear service fixing my TV! My tv Mitsubishi 65'' was repaired in my house. Technician came to my house on time, gave me an estimate, ordered parts, came back, completed repair, and the repair was backed up with six month warranty! Thank you Tulsa Electronics Repair!     

                           Allen T, Tulsa OK

Thank you Tulsa Electronics repair for fixing my SONY, my TV was fixed for the price I was told and fairly quick, the picture now is even brighter, and TV stays on, it used to shut off after 40-50 min. I will recommend this business to all my friends!

Betty M, Broken Arrow OK

Thank you Tulsa Electornics Repair for fixing my Mitsubishi 65'', the picture  is great, no flickering, no jumping anymore, just like a new tv again. And the repair was reasonable too, thank you! I recommended your business to my relatives!

                                                        J Smith. 

Tulsa, OK

   Great business style! I appreciate fixing my LG flat panel, fairley quick  ( 3 days ), brought back, hooked up and backed up with 6 month warranty! And the repair  price  was split in two payments! Thank you Tulsa Electornics Repair for great service! 

                      Justin K, Sans Srings, OK

Thank you Tulsa Electronics Repair!

 Thank you for fixing my 60'' LG, Flat Panel TV! Picture is great, better than it was before! Great service, reasonable prices! I will higly recommend it to all my friends!

                                        James Cruz.

                                                    Muskogee OK

Great service, Tulsa ELectronics Repair!

  Thank you for fixing my Samsung smart TV ! Thank you for free pick up and delivry back! Very professional and courteous servise !  

                                                        Jane K

                                                   Broken Arrow OK

Dear Tulsa Electronics Repair!

Thank you for fixing my 8  years old 55'' PHILIPS CRT TV! Instead of pink picture my  TV has a great colorful picture now! The picture almost like it is a brand new TV! AND TV was fixed in my home ! Great Business! 

                                                          Monica M

                                              Broken Arrow OK

Thank you,  Tulsa Electronics Repair for Great Service!

  Thank you for fixing my Samsung LCD TV, no more line, picture is just perfect! Thanks again!

                                                                                                                                                   John Baker 

                                                                Tulsa, OK


Thank You, Tulsa Electronics Repair!

Great and fast service! My 52'' LED Samsung  TV was fixed in a few days and picture is even better then ever before! Thamk you for the best service!

                                                                           Randy K

                                                                                  Broken Arrow , OK

Thank you for great service!

 Thank you for great service , Tulsa Electronics Repair! My 46''  Flat Panel TV SONY was fixed and has a great picture again! I recommend this business to everyone! 

                                                         Judy M

                                                     Tulsa, OK

                 Awessome Service!

Awesome service! Fast and affordable repair. I thought I needed a new tv, but they did a great job. I saved a lot of money. Highly recommended.


                                                                            Broken Arrow, OK

Great OK based Tulsa Electronics Repair company!!!

Great OK based electronics repair company!!! the technician came to me with a fairly priced appraisal on my Panasonic.They fixed it in a timely manner, and kept me updated throughout the whole process! For their honesty and hardwork they have my loyalty!

                                                                               Lector Grajeda

                                                   Broken Arrow , OK

Great service, Tulsa Electronics Repair!

Thank you for your promt and reasonable service! Thank you for fixing my Mitsubishi 73'' in my mouse ! Great servece, I will gladly recomend to all my friends! 

                                           Donna C. 

                                                    Tulsa, OK

Thank you Tulsa Electronics Repair for fixing my Samsung 55" TV! 

Great Servece and reasonble price! I am happy with this kind of service!

                                      John Myers.

                                    Tulsa ,  Ok

Great Service! Thank you Tulsa Electronics Repair!

Thank you Tulsa ELectronics Repiar,the repair was great,I got my TV Samsung 60" back wokning just great! Hihgly recomend to everybody!

                                                   John K.

                                                                       Broken Arrow ,OK

Thank you for fixing my Sasung flat panel TV!

Thank you fof fixing my Samsung lfat panel TV! Reasonale price and great repair, piciture is even better then it was before! Thanks a lot!

                      James K

                                          Tulsa OK

Best service ever!

This is the best service ever, they fixed my OLED 65" and it works great! I highly recommend this company!

                                                            Nancy K

                                   Broken arrow OK

Thank you , Tulsa Electronics RepairDear !

The repair was done in 4 days, at very reasonaable price and my TV works like a  new one again! Thanks a lot!

Jason K 

Broken Arrow OKInsert City

Tulsa Electronics Repair!

Gary is a real expert in electronic repair, he repaired my 2 year old 65" LG in 3 days, Excelent service! I will recommend Gary to everyone I know.

Steve D.

                                              Broken Arrow OK.

Great TV repair service!

Great cusomer service! Very flexible and resonable, would definetly recommend this company to everebody hood needs repair/diagnostic!

Sheridan K.

                                                             Owasso OK

Great service and very reasonable prices!

Great service and reasonble prices! They fixed my 65" curve Samsung  for the price they quouted and in now I have my TV back ! Thank you Tulsa Electronics Repair! 

                                                                                                                                       J Henshaw

                                                                                                     Tulsa OK